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Day 4, Ireland

Latest NewsPosted by Braccari Admin Sun, May 31, 2009 01:38AM

After exploring some more of County Cavan's wonderful lake and forest areas, we and our friends from the Di Ala D'Oro kennel met up with some local friends for some field work with the Bracchi- Cornelius (above) and Giada (below) performed very well on the moorlands which range over the highest peaks of this part of Ireland.

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Posted by Braccari Admin Sun, June 14, 2009 06:21PM

You'd know being Italian hehe. No pubs I'm afraid but never a dull moment anyway smiley

Can't wait to see you again, bye for now! X

Posted by Margo Sat, June 06, 2009 01:11PM

amazing photos of the kids, guys!! Do you have a professional photographer? And Ireland appears idyllic. Did you visit the pubs? Or don't they allow pets??? Thx for including me in your venture. Love you, Corny, and Giada (how Italian that name!)