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5 Months Old & Growing up fast

Latest NewsPosted by Braccari Admin Wed, May 05, 2010 01:46AM

Well, we've enjoyed a few much-needed quiet months away from the 'scene', so we thought a few photos of Balthazar should be shared, now that he has hit the grand old age of 5 months...

                                                              Braccari Aloysius Volator

We & particularly his sire Bianco's owners in Italy are really very pleased indeed with him. He has his parents' sweet nature by the bucketload, a real delight to be around. We are very excited!

 We also count our blessings that we have the privilege of seeing his physical heritage - the very special dogs behind him - becoming so clearly apparent as he develops.

In other words, he is so far all we hoped for from this particular pedigree combination- and more smiley

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